KorK Announces & Launches “KorK-Mas” Giveaway

December of 2014 was the start of St. Louis’ largest K-Pop Family! To celebrate, KorK wants to celebrate with an exclusive giveaway! Introducing the 7 Days of KorK-Mas! Starting 12/15/18 at 2PM (haha get it) KorK will be posting different challenges everyday from now until December 22nd. Each challenge will have 2 hashtags. Use both hashtags and play! The winner will be the KorKey with the most TOTAL LIKES AND COMMENTS. You are allowed to post your entries on any of the social media sites that KorK uses. Each category may only have one entry. Entries will no longer be accepted after 12/22 at 11:59 PM. The Winner will be announced December 23rd during KorK’s live video! 

Check out the 1st Challenge below!

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