Campaign Closes When The Timer Hits Zero!

Team KorK has made it our mission to #bringkpoptostl!  We are currently fundraising to make this dream a reality.  Join our cause! Let’s show our MYSTERY K-POP IDOL that we will welcome them to our Gateway City!
Road To K-Pop $1,500 of $25,000.00 raised as of 19/08/20
Unlock Mystery Idol Identity at 50% 6%
Team KorK is in charge of this campaign.
The #bringkpoptostl campaign’s goal is to raise 25K through a series of fundraising events known as KorKey Hangouts. More information below!
The #bringkpoptstl special event will take place in St. Louis Missouri!
The #bringkpoptostl campaign was started in March of 2019. Our original deadline was set for August 1st, however, we’ve been given another opportunity to try again!  This campaign ends when the timer above reaches zero! Event details will be released as progress is made.
The Midwest has an AMAZING K-Pop community & not all K-Pop fans are able to travel to neighboring cities to experience Korean Culture.  KorK’s goal is to change that permanently. We will serve as K-Pop merchandise sellers & K-Pop Event Promoters for the Midwest!

KorKey Hangouts

Admission costs go toward the #bringkpoptostl campaign. Tap/Click for more information
Ends 03/31/20

E-Waste Recycling

All electronic waste will be recycled for you by Team KorK! This campaign will help Mother Earth breathe easier! Tap/Click for more information
Ends 03/31/20

Mystery Idol Clues

Meet Our Mystery Idol!

Check Below for ways to earn your Llama ticket!

150 Likes & 140 Followers
[Llama Ticket Unlocked 5/24/19]
[Llama Ticket Unlocked 5/15/19]
Unlocks A Llama Ticket
Find Your Seoul
[Announced 8/4/19]
Catch that Leader-nim! Photo Contest Winner
[Announced 9/3/19]
Monthly Raffle for customers who spend $25 or more via Announced via livestream on YouTube

#bringkpoptostl FAQ

For inquiries not listed here, contact Team KorK at
Q: What is this campaign about?
A: The #bringkpoptostl campaign is about bringing your favorite K-Pop Stars to St. Louis Missouri

Q: How can I donate to this campaign?
A: Donations are accepted via CashApp, PayPal, KorKey Hangouts, Buying from our online store & Shoe Donation
Q: What incentives do KorKeys get for donating?
A: KorKeys that donate will have multiple chances to meet the K-Pop Idol. Each campaign will be different and will have different perks depending on the Idol’s company limitations & restrictions
Q: How long will the window for donations remain open?
A: All monetary donations for our current campaign will end August 1st, 2019.  All shoe collection will end May 10th, 2019.
Q: Which K-Pop Star are you bringing to Saint Louis?
A: We will be announcing this information in August. 
Q: Is there a refund policy in place for donations if I change my mind?
A: There is no refund policy for any donation made to KorK, or any of it’s members for this campaign. If the target amount is not reached by the deadline, KorK, and it’s members, reserve the right to retain all monies gained by this campaign to use for KorK related purposes only. Examples include future campaigns, restock of merchandise, giveaways, etc.
Q: When will the K-Pop Idol be in St. Louis?
More details will be released at a later date.
Q: What is a Llama Ticket?
A Llama Ticket allows KorKeys to participate in a Meet & Greet with the K-Pop Idol at our event! These tickets can be earned by participating in various activties that are listed above! Llama Tickets are limited
Q: If I earn a Llama Ticket, does that mean I get free entry to the event happening with the K-Pop Idol?
Earning a Llama Ticket does not mean you have free entry to the event. When you purchase your ticket for the event, your Meet & Greet will be secured.