Chimmy is Adventurous Sneaky Adorable THE BEST

Here's Chimmy's Latest Adventure!

Chimmy and Tata took a trip to a local store. To their surprise they see a couple of familiar faces!…Dal and Mang, what are you guys doing here?!

Momo and Chimmy will be going on new adventures EVERY FRIDAY! Where do you think they’ll explore next?

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Chimmy started the New Year off at home and called his best friend Tata to see what he was up too. The video call didn’t go so well at first, but they were able to figure things out and make plans to hangout on New Year’s Day.

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Momo looks into the mysterious friend’s car only to find Team KorK member Charisse! Momo gets in the car with Chimmy and explains how wild of a morning she’s had with Chimmy so far. As she speaks, Chimmy gets cozy on her lap. Just as he closes his eyes, he sees a giant eyeball looking at him. It’s Jackson! Chimmy says hello and remains in his spot. Time to enjoy the car ride~ They stop to get gas & Chimmy pays for it to thank Charisse & Jackson for the ride. Awww, how sweet!


Chimmy whimpers to Momo. Looking confused, Momo reaches to comfort Chimmy and ask him what’s wrong. At that moment, Chimmy grabs Momo’s hand and stares. “Why are you being weird Chimmy?” All of a sudden, Tata’s back but only for a moment. He lands on Momo’s head and beams them both to a Korean Resturant! They enjoyed Bulgogi, uhmook, ttoekbokki and Milkis soft drinks! Chimmy paid for the meal with all his hard earned money from working with Momo at her job. Speaking of, OH NO! They’re running late! Time to call in reinforcements. Tata hugs Chimmy and beams away. Chimmy grabs Momo’s hand and leads her to another friend’s car. Who is it this time?


Oh wow! It’s Tata! Chimmy is always happy to see his best friend! Chimmy hugged him and said “Hiya! What are you doing here?” Tata stared blankly as always and gave a wink. Chimmy responded with confidence “Ah, okay!” Momo was completely confused. “How did Tata even get in and WHAT did he say to Chimmy?” At that moment, a strange light beamed down and landed over Tata. WHOOSH! He vanished. Momo’s couldn’t understand Chimmy & Tata’s strange relationship. She didn’t question it and just fell asleep. Chimmy stayed up a little while longer staring out of the window pane. What is he planning with Tata?


After making Momo feel better, Chimmy was back at it again! He looked Momo in her eyes and said, “I have found a new playmate! His name is Chimmy too~ We are going to play now.” Momo had been overtaken by Chimmy’s adorable nature and just let him play video games…WITH HIMSELF? Wait, who is this new friend behind Chimmy?


Chimmy’s self promotion to manager didn’t last very long. His supervisor demoted him the same day! Poor Chimmy~ He was granted one free day before resuming his duties! He spent his time making mischief and tormenting Mama Momo. He helped her feel better later though.


Chimmy loved going to work with Kosmik Rei! He decided to take another trip to work but this time…he’s taking matters into his own hands. He has promoted himself to a higher position. Oh Chimmy, what are we gonna do with this mischievous pup


Chimmy decided to join Momo, aka DJ Kosmic Rei, for a day at work! It was rumored that he gave some of the best customer service they’ve ever seen! GREAT JOB CHIMMY!!

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