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Kosplay Cafe FAQ

Q: Will there be food at the Kosplay Cafe?
A: Yes, Team KorK will provide authentic Korean food and other tasty treats with the purchase of your Kosplay Cafe Ticket.

Q: I purchased an IDOL Package. Which Kosplay Cafe Session will I be attending?
A: You will be notified by email which KCS you are in.

Q: Who will be the special guest attending the Kosplay Cafe?
A: That information will be released to those that attend the Kosplay Cafe. Attending will provide a 50% chance of the special guest stopping by to say hi!

Q: What is a Sasaeng?
A: To put it simply, a sasaeng (pronounced Sah-sang) is an extreme fan that has no respect of a K-Pop Idol’s privacy. They do whatever they can to get close to their favorite idols.