KorKey Hall Of Fame

Here are KorKeys who have won merchandise from KorK by participating in KYIC!! Congrats to all of you! We hope this list grows more!

Concert Giveaway Winners!

D'Ayja at B.A.P. 2017!

D'Ayja won a ticket to see B.A.P. during their "U.S. BOOM Tour!" in Chicago after participating in the Ticket Giveaway posted by Dalnim on March 24th 2017! She took so many pictures! This was the only selfie she had a chance to take however! Thanks for your support KorKey!!

"I just wanted to say thank you so so much for giving me a ticket to GOT7, it was a blast and I loved it so much! I finally just home and it was a long road trip but so worth it because of you making it happen for me!" - Karolyn

Karolyn at GOT7 2018!

KorK Event Winners!

KorK's COOKY Game Night Llama Ticket Winner Kayla (middle)
KorK's COOKY Game Night Derp Bingo Winner
K-Pop-O-Ween 2018 "Appreciation Raffle" Winner Lilianna

K.O.M. Winners!

KYIC Session Winners!