KYIC Will Reset When This Timer Runs Out


Session 2

Stages are revealed Monday to Thursday every week! The winner of Session 2 can choose official K-Pop merchandise from any of the idols displayed below!
KYIC Winners will be announced September 27th during K.U.K. with KorK 

Need To Know KYIC Terms


An abbreviation for “Know Your Idol Challenge.” KYIC is KorK’s giveaway. It  allows KorKeys to win Official K-Pop merchandise bi-weekly!


Questions posted during KYIC. There are 8 Stages in all per Session. Comeback Stage is Stage 1 & Goodbye Stage is Stage 8. All Stages must be answered to qualify.


The name of KorK’s fanclub. It means that our fans are the “Keys” to our “Core”. Without you, none of what we do is possible!


A two week period in which KorK posts Stages for KorKeys to answer. Each Session has 8 Stages in total.

Save Me Tokens

Grants immunity for Stages KorKeys are unsure of. These tokens are rare so grab them when you can!

Team KorK

Volunteers that help keep KorK up & running behind the scenes.  Find out about our members on the “Meet Team KorK” page. (located in About Section)


Q: What is KYIC?
A: Know Your Idol Challenge is a fun, bi-weekly trivia challenge that allows our fans to win FREE OFFICIAL K-POP MERCHANDISE
Q: What is the difference between KorK & KYIC?
A: KorK is the name of our brand and Hallyu Store. KYIC is a giveaway KorK hosts just for you!
Q: How Do I Participate?
A: Register for our Official KorKey Membership & Follow the links located above to submit answers to Stages.
Q: How are winners selected and how many do you choose?
A: Team KorK is live on YouTube EVERY SUNDAY. We choose winners for each Session every OTHER Sunday. We carefully review all answers submitted, make sure all participants followed all guidelines & answered questions correctly. We then randomly choose a winner (sometimes more) so that there is no bias. Team KorK does NOT play favorites.

Q: What prizes do we win?
A: Prizes vary each Session. Tune in to K.U.K. with KorK on YouTube to find out what you win

Q: When will my merchandise ship?
A: All merchandise will ship 1 – 7 days after the recipient claims their merchandise officially. To check the status of your merchandise, please click/tap » HERE «