Team KorK consists of  10 members in total (from left to right, top to bottom)
We have 
Dalnim, Momo, DJ, Sarai, Nichole,
& Eevee
And our newest members (from left to right) Karolyn, Milly, Zay, & Nori
 Team KorK debuted on October 21st 2018, under KpopOrKflop: Know Your Idol Challenge, with KorK’s 1st OFFICIAL K-Pop event in Saint Louis Missouri, K-Pop-O-Ween 2018! (Otherwise known as KPOW 18)
KorK Fandom Name: KorKey (Because our fans are the Key that unlock TEAM KorK’s hearts)
KorK’s Official Fandom Colors: Red, Blue & Black
KorK Official Accounts:

Official KorK





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Use Subject Title “Team KorK Application”

Dalnim Chan


K-Pop Fan Since: 2012
1st K-Pop Group: INFINITE
UB Group: BTS
UB Idol: Kim Taehyung
KorK is family. As K-Pop fans, we understand how hard it is to communicate with one another because we have no one locally to socialize with. We know how  hard it is to have the merchandise you see in un-boxing videos on YouTube. We understand how hard it is to see Oppa, or Noona, at a concert because of lack of money. K-Pop is our therapy, not some weird cult or unhealthy obsession. We dream of concerts and fan meetings and special skits exclusive to us international fans. Our goal at KorK is to help make those dreams reality. I started KorK after witnessing my first concert in 2014 with VIXX. The entire duration of the concert, I had been in awe. Not only was I looking at them NOT on my computer screen, they were speaking english and smiling right in front of me! It was a dream come true!! I got exclusive skits and more live and in person! Once I got back home, I knew I had to share this feeling. I had to show everyone else that same happiness that I experienced. Thus KorK was born! 

Momo Park


K-Pop Fan Since:  2011
1st K-Pop Group: UKISS
UB Group: BTS
UB Idol: Park Jimin
“To me KorK means inclusion. This is something that hasn’t been done in St. Louis and it’s great to finally have Kpop events happening here and to build a community of Kpop fans.”



K-Pop Fan Since: 2010
1st K-Pop Group: SHINee
UB Group: EXO
UB Idol: Oh Sehun
“Annyeong! I’m Lance, a chill, go with the flow kinda guy who tries to look at the positive things in life. Kpop to me is an escape from reality, truthfully. Remembering back in 2010 and the struggles happening, listening to KPOP has helped trough so many rough nights, emotional evening, and the ever long days even to this day. With being so attached to KPOP from then to now has lead a great life and wonderful experiences. One of them was meeting the owner of KORK through a social gathering and from there it lead to joining the group and learning about the different KPOP groups as well as the many people that are within the group. Of all of the effort being put within the group and getting to know everyone lead to feeling more like a family. Being there from the beginning and seeing how much KORK has grown feels like an accomplishment only to see what more the future holds for KORK.. having the opportunity to join and help more individuals find greatness within the kpop community such as I have, would be an unimaginable honor.”



K-Pop Fan Since: 2009
1st K-Pop Group: BIGBANG, SHINee, & DBSK
UB Idol: Choi Minho
“KorK means so much to me in the small time I’ve known about it. I’ve met such wonderful friends and have made such great memories so far. I really do cherish meeting new people who love K-Pop as much as I do. For a while, I’ve been been spreading K-Pop amongst my friends and now I wanna help spread it all over. “



K-Pop Fan Since: 2017
1st K-Pop Group: GOT7
UB Group: GOT7
UB Idol: Jackson Wang
“I love K-pop because it has a way of comforting in times of sadness, inspiring you In times of need, pumping you up in times of stress, and wrapping you in a blanket of love no matter what. KorK is very important to me because it has brought a kpop family to me that I never knew was out there!”



K-Pop Fan Since: 2014
1st K-Pop Group: SHINee, (G)-IDLE
UB Group: BTS
UB Idol: Kim Namjoon
KorK means so much to me. I have gained wonderful, unforgettable friendships with amazing people. K-Pop definitely taken a grasp on my heart and won’t let go! The people I have gotten to know are so positive and welcoming. They are like my family. Great laughs, great times, it’s awesome! I can’t wait to see this community grow with us.



K-Pop Fan Since: 2009
1st K-Pop Group: TVXQ!
UB Group: BTS
UB Idol: Jeon Jungkook
“KorK is my support, a place I belong. I’ve known about KorK since 2014 and have always felt welcomed. I’m thankful for what KorK has done for me with many opportunities, such as making connections with new friends, sharing our love for K-Pop, getting the news of the K-Pop world and having chances to win merchandise; for those who don’t have the chance to get them. I cannot imagine a day without KorK and I’m so happy how far they have come along today. I’m also proud to be apart of KorK now by volunteering. So, thank you for the opportunity.”



K-Pop Fan Since: 2017
1st K-Pop Group: 2PM or GOT7
UB Group: EXO
UB Idol: Park Seonghwa
“To me, KorK means togetherness and being able to fit in and feel like I’m supposed to be there. What I hope to achieve is to make new friendships and connections.”



K-Pop Fan Since: 2012
1st K-Pop Group: PSY
UB Group: Stray Kids
UB Idol: Kim Hongjoong
“To me, KorK means family. We all accept everyone for who they are. We’re all working together to achieve one thing that we are passionate about. I hope to gain learning experiences, friendships and growth.”



K-Pop Fan Since: 2009
1st K-Pop Group: 2PM
UB Group: Don’t Make Me Choose
UB Idol: Kim Taehyung
“New Friendships, memories, potential and growth.”