Welcome to the PAPAs

This award show is all about showing appreciation to some amazing people in the K-Pop world! Nominees can include Korkeys, Idols themselves or other K-Pop related acts. This award show is for everyone so if you have someone you’d like to nominate, cast a vote for them below! Here are the categories

How To Vote

  1. Follow KorK on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok
  2. Make a public post featuring the person, or people, you’d like to vote for. Your post should include #papas19 #kpopgiveaway & #kpop. Your post also needs to include the category you are submitting a vote for.
  3. Watch K.U.K. with KorK on January 26th to find out if you won! Prizes will be revealed during the livestream. 
  4. For any additional questions, please email korkeycaresquad@kpoporkflop.com
All voting is open from January 5th, 2020 until January 22nd, 2020. Duplicate entries will not be accepted. Only one vote per category. Any additional updates will be provided via KorK’s social media sites. All categories will not be eligible for prizes. Categories eligible for prizes include TK’s Choice Cosplay, KorKey of The Year, Best Aegyo, Favorite R&B Idol & Best Derp Photo. Prizes will only include Official Merchandise.